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"Shipping - Cost Shipping"

The website www.leonidiscompany.gr in terms of all its content and the items that appear in it, is not a proposal but an invitation to you to submit an order proposal.

So you choose the items you want and your order is shaped. Then we collect with professionalism and care what is available from these items available at www.leonidiscompany.gr, we inform you about the available quantities or the time of receipt of the goods that will be available at www.leonidiscompany.gr and if you agree to we pack them properly and we send them to the address you have stated to us or they are received from our store if you wish.

The sending by the website or the Company of any receipt of order does not in any case constitute the acceptance of the order, which in any case depends on the availability and stocks of the website www.leonidiscompany.gr in relation to the ordered products . Our website can provide no guarantee for the availability of the products. The order may be partially accepted and executed.

In any case, the partial or total acceptance by us of your order is made only during the respective partial or total execution of the order, so at this stage the purchase contract is drawn up between us and you are charged with the prices you have on the day send your order commit.

Specific issues:

It is foreseen and please note that the "minimum order" is:

  • For the city of Kavala the amount of 7,00 € with VAT for the Center And 10,00 € for the remote areas of the city.
  • For the rest of the Greek Territory the amount of € 10.00 with VAT (shipping costs depend on the shipping method and the volume of the order. The shipping cost is borne by the buyer - customer).
  • In case the order is sent through a transport agency or courier of the company "LEONIDIS" it concerns exclusively the transfer of the order from its facilities to the transport company or courier agency.

The shipping costs "Shipping costs" are borne by the customer and not the company "LEONIDIS".

However, in case the order is sent by the means of the company "LEONIDIS" or with the transport agency that cooperates the company "LEONIDIS" then the "shipping costs" are added to the customer's order and the "total value" of the order is formed. .

Please note that the "minimum order" does NOT include shipping / shipping costs.
In case the order does not meet the above condition of the "minimum order" you will be informed by the company "LEONIDIS" in order to make the relevant corrections in order to proceed with its completion. In any case, the company "LEONIDIS" reserves the right not to accept, cancel or partially execute the said order.
Any damage caused to the site, to the transported items, by the transported items or during their transport from the truck of the transporter to the delivery point is the responsibility of the consignee and he accepts the legal relevant responsibilities and obligations arising from this event.
It should also be taken into account that the "shipping costs" are charged per order that the customer forms.


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© {2022} Leonidis Company. All Rights Reserved. Designed By Zachapan

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